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General Assembly


General Assembly 1 – International Security & Disarmament (GA 1)

  • The issue of arms trade between the Member States and non-state actors

  • The issue of a nuclear-weapon-free world: accelerating the implementation of nuclear disarmament

General Assembly 2 – Economic & Financial (GA 2)

  • The question of Venezuela’s hyperinflation

  • The issue of preventing illicit financial gain from drug trafficking and organised crime


General Assembly 3 – Social, Humanitarian & Cultural (GA 3)

  • The issue of controlling and eliminating epidemics in LEDCs

  • The issue of combating overpopulation as a source of starvation and ethnic conflicts

General Assembly 4 – Environmental Committee (GA 4)

  • The issue of protection of global climate for present and future generations of mankind

  • The issue of reducing  illegal trade in exotic animal products and poaching through end market enforcement initiatives.

Commissions and Councils


Security Council (SC)

  • The issue of military force in South Sudan Military force in South Sudan

  • The issue of children recruited in armed conflicts

UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

  • The issue of human trafficking of women from Africa into Western Europe as workers

  • The issue of drug war in the Philippines

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

  • The issue of the South China Sea

  • The issue of crimes committed in cyberspace