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          Promoting prevention is a process where the onset of substance is limited or when the potential development of problems associated with using psychoactive substances is as avoided as it can be. Prevention endeavours may focus on the individual or their environments.

          It can be stated that the most powerful strategy route for promoting prevention is apparently through a risk-focused approach. This approach demands the specific recognitions of risk factors for drug abuse, Recognitions, by which risk factors have been productively addressed, and where application of these processes to embrace acceptable high-risk and general population samples in controlled studies.  

          The expert authors on this topic evaluate risks and protective details for substance abuse, analyse a number of approaches for substance abuse prevention with high-risk groups, and make recommendations for research and practice.

In order to be capable of supporting the fight against substance abuse, people have to know what substance addiction is and what ways they can help a person to recover from addiction.

          Substance addiction is a long-lasting disease characterized by compulsive, or uncontrollable, “drug seeking and use despite harmful consequences” and changes in the brain, which can be long-lasting. These changes in the brain can lead to the harmful acts seen in people who use drugs. Drug addiction is also a relapsing disease, which means returning to drug use after an attempt to stop.

          The way to drug addiction starts with the voluntary actions of taking drugs. But “over time, a person's ability to choose not to do so becomes compromised.” Seeking and taking the drug becomes irresistible. This is mainly due to the effects of “long-term drug exposure on brain function.” Addiction influences parts of the brain, involving motivation, learning and memory, and control over behaviour.

          The general public should at least have an idea about how to help others fight drug abuse and inform each other about the knowledge they have on promoting prevention. Also, it should be noted that pulling these people out from drug abuse requires strenuous effort, contemplating to the fact of this disease being a relapsing one.


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Fashion Police!

The GA2 delegate outstands amongst the others with his choice of color of his jacket! We can say that it as a perfect match with his tie and shirt.

Our beloved delegate is turning heads with this style today. The color compatibility between his shoes and his
shirt can’t be ignored.

Our delegate draws attention to herself with her amazing high-heeled boots! Also we can clearly say that the the way she tied her completes her outfit.

Our Head of Hospitality is literally on fire
today! Her dress and shoes are a perfect
match and there no one who could’ve pulled it off better than her.

Which Executive Member Are You?

1.How do you peel your banana?

A) Starting from the thick part.

B)Starting from the thin part.

C)I eat without peeling it.

D)I don’t eat banana.


2. If you could be a beverage, which one would you be?

A)  Water

B) Tomato Water

C) Ayran



3. If you wereto be stuck in a deserted island, what would be the only thing you take with you?

A) Toilet paper

B)A pillow

C)Your identity card



4. Which of the following is the first thing you notice about the person you go on a date with?

A)  Their socks

B) The way they smell

C)The way they walk

D)The size of their ear


5.Which snack are you?







You are a chair. With your leadership skills and ability to manage people you are the type of person that could write resolutions all day long.


You are a delegate. You love debateing and using your information in order to prove yourself.



You are an admin. With your colorfull personality you will work without resting in order to make sure everyone is everyone is happy.



You are a member of press. You have a outstanding creativity and have full confidence in yourself.

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