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Guest Speakers:

Title of Speech: Global Trade Wars - Where do they Go?

Department of Economics

Bogazici University

Prof. Refik Erzan

Mr. Nolde works for Heidelberg University's Institute for Geoinformation Technology. He will present OpenRouteService and Geoinformation service for humanitarian aid. He is a keen developer for navigation system for various global solutions and a part of HeigGIT team.

Nils Nolde

He works at positive living. He will present up to date HIV treatment methods and facts. He will also talk about his project with UNFPA.

Mehmet Yurtçu

She worked in MSF as logistics and project coordinator then she worked in HOT to map African countries and now she works in an NGO, Positive Living, to prevent, raise awareness, prevention, support services and counselling. 

Ezgi Eryılmaz

He is our legendary AP teacher who teaches not only relative courses but also precious life lessons. He lectures AP Politics, AP World History, AP Studio Arts and TOK.

Patric Swann