Distinguished Advisors, Honorable Guests, and Esteemed Participants,


It is our utmost pleasure to welcome you all to our second official session of the TED Istanbul Model United Nations (TEDIMUN), that will take place between the 28th of February and 1st of March, 2020 with the theme of “Protecting Future Generations.” We feel absolutely delighted to have you at our conference. We have already started working to the best of our abilities to make this conference as enjoyable and educational as possible.


The theme of TEDIMUN’20  will be focused on “Protecting Future Generations.” We have chosen this theme as our modern world and its leaders are not being mindful of the consequences that their actions will bear for future generations. Aiming to secure the future of the next generation is something that we value at this conference. Issues such as climate change and nuclear disarmament which will be discussed upon and many others like it will handle this theme directly as the consequences of these issues will linger on for future generations. Going forward, keeping an eye on the future is extremely important because in order to grow properly, being conscious of the repercussions that actions may hold is extremely crucial. Due to these reasons, we believe that this theme perfectly encapsulates our main goal with TEDIMUN’20, and what we believe to be necessary, in order to help make the world a better place.


As the TEDIMUN’20 Executive team, we aim to have a constructive, peaceful and fun (to a healthy extent) conference. We hope that each delegate will come out of this experience a more confident and experienced MUNer. We want to provide an opportunity for everyone who is willing to challenge themselves in a safe and happy atmosphere. TEDIMUN is a conference where you will be supported, guided, and given opportunities to explore different aspects of an MUN conference. This is TEDIMUN’s second year, as a young conference, we aim to get better and better every year. We already feel that we have improved greatly from our first conference and we are thrilled to showcase the areas where we improved upon. We hope you can have fun and learn while you are debating conflicting issues or giving passionate speeches, developing lifelong skills, broadening your knowledge of the social, political and cultural problems affecting our planet.


We hope that you will have a memorable and productive weekend at TEDIMUN’20!


Kind regards,

TEDIMUN’20 Executive Team