Mark Daigle

Public Speaking Workshop

Mr. Daigle is one of the teachers who has been in our school for the longest time. He is our legendary Grade 12 English Literature teacher, but before that he was a legendary Drama teacher in the USA. He still does workshops and attends conferences where he illustrates ways for students to speak comfortably in front of a crowd and how to be a good speaker.

For TEDIMUN, he will help train the delegates on how to gather up the courage to even stand up and talk in front of your committee and as a result how to make sure you are heard in a room. How he is going to turn you into a confident politician in a couple of hours is his magic, one thing we are sure relying on his legacy is that it is going to be fun!

Ezgi Eryılmaz


Ezgi is one of the most inspiring people we have ever met. After graduating from METU, she devoted herself to helping people all around the world in any way possible. Her charisma alone will make you want to turn your life around and be her! Lucky for you, she is open to talking to anyone who is interested in what she does (and she does A LOT), so we strongly urge you to go up to her whenever you see her and ask about volunteer work, her adventures around the world and people she has helped so far.

For TEDIMUN, only someone like her could have come up with such an original idea as Mapathon. You will be in the computer labs and creating real maps to help real people in need through GPS and everything else that we don't even fully comprehend yet but very excited to learn. Don't worry, she will instruct you before you begin and she will be guiding you throughout the process.


Can Ünen


Mr. Ünen has a PhD from mapping engineering. He is also the president of Yer Çizenler Mapping fo All Association. He will be joining us to lead the technical part in MAPATHON.

Zeynep Nazlı Binzat

Chair Workshop

This workshop is exclusive to the chairs of TEDIMUN and that lucky group of people will have the chance to work with our SG Zeynep. Just that is enough for you to know that you have a very relaxed and easy going workshop ahead of you. We know we have the best chairs we could have hoped for, and they all know their way around a standard MUN, but TEDIMUN comprises of much smaller committees as we set out to be a conference where everyone speaks, that's why Zeynep will share with you what we have in mind to make the committee time as productive as possible in addition to sharing with you all the details of the debating procedure.

Can Batu İzmiroğlu

Press Workshop

This workshop is exclusive to the Press Members of TEDIMUN. Be aware, working with our Head of Press Can Batu means that there will be discipline and hard work. Starting with this workshop, he will share with you how the Press will go on about one of the most important missions of TEDIMUN: having a conference worth remembering! Press Team is one of the most anticipated parts of TEDIMUN and Can Batu went through a meticulous process of forming his team. Now we are sure all of you will be in a happy and productive environment with one of our most hardworking Executives, starting with this workshop.

Burcu Cinli

MUN 101

We know you are all great and belong in TEDIMUN but we want to make sure you know that too. We are aware that for most participants the worst MUN experience is their first MUN experience. We want to do our best to make sure you feel good about yourself at all times and we believe to make sure of this is to help you to be aware of what is happening at all times. That's why we have this "exclusive" workshop designed for the first time MUNers. TEDIMUN's main goal is to provide a platform for high school students to gather in with their friends and spend a weekend that they use their language and critical skills that they have worked so hard for many years to build up. While MUNs can be intimidating, once you know the procedures, they can give you a great opportunity to use your hard-earned language skills to have fun, joke around and eventually mature and save the world!